Students of the Term

Students of the Term
Ryan Sousa "Despite being new to Assabet, Ryan has exhibited a very mature presence and eagerness to improve his math abilities." - Mr. Tran
Brandon Comstock "Mr. Comstock comes prepared and ready to work, and has yet to miss a single homework assignment." - Mr. Tobin
Elliot Robinson "Elliot is a very hardworking student, has a great attitude, and is a very talented singer!" - Mr. Tenzar

"Elliot is a wonderful student who gives 100% effort all the time, frequently participates in class discussions, and helps other students when needed. Elliot is a pleasure to have in class!" - Mrs. Coderre
Ryan Gardiner “Ryan arrives to class ready to work and engaged. His quality of work and commitment towards doing well is commendable " - Mrs. Olivares
Marissa Jewett
Marissa Jewett 

"Marissa has worked really hard all term. Every day, she comes in ready to learn, has a positive attitude, participates often, and helps her peers. She is a pleasure to have in class." - Mr. Tobin
 Jacqueline Moran Morales Jacqueline Moran Morales 

"Jacqueline strives for excellence, even amidst distractions she continues forward and remains focused on her studies." - Mrs. Labbe & Ms. Sussman-Ghatak
 Ghislaine Morris Ghislaine Morris 

"Laine makes our Honors US History III class more lively with her enthusiasm and outgoing personality. She always has something to add to class discussions and is a true pleasure to have as a student." - Mrs. Lauria
 Alexa Stuke Alexa Stuka
“Alexa’s hard work is a great motivational drive not only for herself but for her peers as well. - Mrs. Olivares
 Isabella Germanos Isabella Germanos 

"Bella consistently demonstrates a confidant and positive attitude and is a pleasure to have in biology class. She is an excellent student who takes pride in her work and accomplishments."
Mr. D. 

"Isabella is the type of student that teachers appreciate having in their classes. She helps drive our classroom discussions, assists struggling students, and she always presents herself as positive and eager to learn." - Mr. DeMember
 Jackson Hinrichs Jackson Hinrichs 

"Jackson is a bright light in my USII Honors class. Jackson has put forth a great amount of effort and his grade reflects that effort. However, the greatest thing about Jackson is his willingness to speak in class and engage in conversation. His effort and willingness to engage in discussion makes the class a pleasure to be in." - Mr. Sweeney
 Dennis Mendoza Chicas Dennis Mendoza-Chicas 

"I have had the pleasure of having Dennis in class for a second year. In that time period I have seen him mature into a respectful, hard working young man with a positive, infectious, energetic spirit." - Ms. Forhan
 Alex Munoz Alex Munoz

 " Alex is always prepared for class and puts forth a great effort on his assignments. He is a conscientious student and his quality of work has been consistent throughout Term 1. Alex is a valued member of our classroom, both for his work ethic and his positive attitude." - Ms. (Emily) Johnson
Callie McMahon
Callie McMahon

"Callie's diligence and work ethic are an asset to our class. Above all, her attitude and character make her an enjoyable student to teach." -
Mr. Collins 
 McLain Bergeron McLain Bergeron

"McLain has excellent effort in Ceramics. She uses creative ideas to bring her pieces to life and truly seems invested in her work." - Ms. Gaide
 Livia Barreto Bezerra Livia Barreto Bezerra

 " Livia readily helps others in need; she is a wonderful example of a good student, good person and a good role model." - Mrs. Labbe & Ms. Sussman-Ghatak
haley peets
Haley Peets

"Haley works with a positive attitude everyday. She is excited to try new things and challenges herself in art class. She is a hard worker!" - Ms. Gaide
 Kieley Whynot Kieley Whynot 

"No matter the class activity, Kieley strives to do her best and puts forth 100% effort." - Ms. Nunes
 Stephanie Babin Stephanie Babin

"Stephanie is very deserving for her hard work and dedication to her math work in and out of the classroom." - Mrs. Kramer
 Tyler Dossas Tyler Dossas

  “Tyler represents what it means to be a student that understands that focus, respect and great choices are key ingredients needed to be a successful student." - Mrs. Olivares
 Mason Monaco Mason Monaco 

" Mason brings a positive attitude to class each day. His work ethic is clear and indicative of someone who strives for success inside and outside of the classroom. He is consistently striving to redefine his personal best through action and self-advocacy" - Mr. O’Malley
 Trinity Jutras Trinity Jutras

  "It is a pleasure having Trinity in Band, as she is a very responsible and talented student." - Mr. Tenzar
 Meghan O'Loughlin  
Meghan O'Loughlin

"Meghan participates regularly in class and provides quality answers and insights to the class discussions. Meghan is constantly challenging herself to be a better student each and every academic week." - Mr. Silk
 Morgan Flynn  
Morgan Flynn

"Always volunteering, staying positive, and working hard, Morgan is a great student to have in class. It’s not easy acting in front of peers, and you’ve jumped into every role and given it your best without hesitation. We appreciate the upbeat attitude you bring to what you do." - Mr. Bir and Mr. O’Brien
Tim Agneta
Timothy Agneta

"Academically, Timothy Agneta is currently the top student in my AP Calculus class. He is a conscientious, mature, and intelligent young man who is determined to do well in calculus. This is evident in his enthusiasm and diligence in the classroom. He participates in class and is always willing to help others. He is a joy to have in class and he is a great role model for other students in the class to look up to. I highly recommend him for student of the term." - Mr. Faik
 Amber Thetonia Amber Thetonia

  “Amber’s great attitude is contagious and it inspires me to be a better teacher to such a great student."- Mrs. Olivares
 Lesley Orosco Moya Lesley Orosco-Moya 

" Lesley is a positive and kind person as well as a diligent worker. Overall she is a role model in class. Keep up the good work!" - Mr. Park