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Each summer I send a letter home to each member of the staff at Assabet.    I like to write something that is thought provoking and inspirational.  This year I wrote about General Westmoreland.  I’d like to share the opening paragraph with you.

“Last week while driving, I was listening to the radio and heard a story about the late General Westmoreland.  It seems that one day he was greeting a group of paratroopers as they disembarked from their plane.  As each person passed by, he shook their hand and asked each one a question. It was the same question over and over to each person. He asked “Do you like jumping?”  The parachutists said “Yes sir.”  The general was satisfied with the answer, and the trooper moved on.  As the unit continued to leave the plane, he shook a person’s hand and asked his question.  “Do you like jumping?”  This one military skydiver replied “No sir.  I hate it.”  General Westmoreland detained him and asked “Then why do you do it?”  The jumper replied “Because I like being around people who enjoy jumping.”

I went on to ask these teachers why they teach, asking them if they actually liked teaching or just being around other teachers.  Please let me assure you that the educators who are teaching your children are in this profession for the right reasons!!  They realize that learning is empowering.  In this world, having empowered, educated, well equipped young people is essential.  Most Assabet students come in as freshmen with nothing more than an 8th grade education.  By the time they leave Assabet, they are nurses, electricians, machinists, business professionals, and future teachers, ready to learn how to empower the next generation.

Please remember that my door is always open.  If you’d like to get ahold of me please call 508-485-9430 ext. 1458.



Mark Hollick


Cathi Berg

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