General Information

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many changes for this year's AP program.  
Please visit the College Board website for the most current updates.

Exams will still happen in 2020, but they will be taken at home in an online format.  The exam calendar is, for the most part, pushed back one week.  Check the exam schedule on the College Board's website for specific dates and times.  

Key Information for STUDENTS:
  • All students enrolled in an AP course MUST take the AP exam for that course in May
  • Students/parents will be billed for the exam in early 2020, with the payment due by April 1, 2020.
  • Students should be preparing for the exams by attending all classes and Saturday sessions and keeping up with the classwork/homework
  • On exam day, students are to report to their designated testing site (not homeroom) 15 minutes before the start time; students will remain there until the end of the test, at which time they are dismissed for the day (students without a ride may stay and return to class/shop, but lunch may not be available due to timing of the test)
  • Students who leave but must return to school for sports or other events may NOT return prior to 2:30 (or designated sports dismissal time)
Key Information for PARENTS:
  • The current cost for exams is $94 each; this is determined by the College Board, not Assabet
  • Students on free/reduced lunch pay a reduced rate
  • Students will be dismissed after each exam and may need a ride home (or they may take the bus at the end of the day); this is a documented absence from class for the day

For more information about the AP Program in general, please visit the College Board website.